5 Cool Things to do in Panjim, Goa

Here’s a short and sweet list of 5 cool things one can do in Panjim:

1. Delicious Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals Ice Cream Menu Panjim Goa

Naturals Ice Cream Menu

With fresh flavours like Tender Coconut, Chikoo, Kalajamum and old favourites like Kesar Pista, Kaju Kishmish and Roasted Almond, there’s something at Naturals for everybody. It’s even endorsed by lots of celebrities, from everyone like Amir Khan to Sanjeev Kapoor!

Ice cream Celebrity endorsements from movie stars and more

Celebrity endorsements from movie stars and more

So step away from the hot sun into this glorious little haven of all things sweet and icy.

My happy colleague with 3 Naturals flavours

My happy colleague with 3 Naturals flavours

I’ve visited a few times with friends and colleagues and always walked away satisfied.

2. Walk around and enjoy the typical Portuguese architecture

Sometimes, it is a pleasant change to just walk around and feel the place.

View from Down the Road, Panjim

View from Down the Road, Panjim

The cute yellow buildings, the shops, the people, all are so very different from a big city. No one’s in a rush, people do not honk and are not rude. And what Goans consider traffic is nothing compared to what people in metros suffer (those who make the Delhi-Gurgaon commute everyday, I feel your pain). Step into the small shops, talk to the people, even if you don’t buy anything.

I was walking one day along side the floating casinos, and just happened to catch the flag lowering ceremony which happens on the main road everyday around 6pm.

It was quite thrilling to watch the police stop the traffic and then trumpet solemnly. Unlike the ceremonies in Delhi, the police are quite friendly and the guy lowering the flag smiled good naturedly as I took a few photos.

3. Catch a Movie at Inox

Enough of the beaches? There comes a time when you just want to grab some popcorn and watch a movie.  Catch the latest flick  with your friends at the Inox (click for map). Here’s where Goa’s city crowd descends when they want to watch a movie. I saw Wolverine 3D here, and the quality was pretty good.

4. Shopping, Banking  and Repair

Panjim is one of the few places where you can shop away for branded clothes, do your banking work and get your watch/mobile repaired. All the major banks are located conveniently near the centre, not too far from the shopping area. All this stuff is not always possible near the beaches. At Panjim, you’ve got everything close together, so its easy to get your work done.

5. Discover delicious Goan street food and Cafés

Case in point being the Goan Ros Omelette, a dish which combines the best of chicken curry, egg and pao (bread). Directions and detailed review here.

Goan snacks - Crunchy, fried and sweet

Goan snacks at Chai – Crunchy, fried and sweet

There are many other options like Chai Pani, a small eatery where many office goers gather during a break for a steaming cup of tea and typical Goan Snacks, all priced around Rs.5-20.

Sweet Buns - with banana goodness

Sweet Buns – with yummy banana goodness

There are of course famous Cafés like Café Bhonsle, which is a must visit for tasty Sweet Bun (which is sweet, but not a bun), Mirchi Bhajji (served with fresh coconut chutney) and other nice stuff.

Mirchi Bhajji at Cafe Bhonsle

Mirchi Bhajji at Cafe Bhonsle

I leave you to discover your own cool things to do in Panim :). What are your favourite things to do in Panjim?